SSD or no SSD that is the question


I have just ordered a i7 950 6gb ram HD5850 and i was thinking should i put a SSD in it?

I had a look on ebay and i can get a OCZ Vertex 2 60G SSD for $200 (AUS). Is it money well spent? is it something i should think about later or should i just splash out now before i get windows installed?

Also i have a SATA 3 mother board ASrock Extreme 3 i think.

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  1. SSD's are a good buy these days. But its better if you buy a bigger single one that supports TRIM and install your OS and most commonly used programs on it only. REst put it on the secondary drive.
  2. TRIM? eh. cant really afford more then $200 so its 60gb or nothing. Do you know what kind of performance improvements i would see? will they be noticable improvements or just a second here and and second there kinda thing.
  3. Performance improvement?
    Anything which involves reading or tranfering data from your hdd will be improved significantly.
    Those improvements can be seen during :
    1. Booting
    2. Starting a program
    3. Game loading
    And, I mean SIGNIFICANT for example :
    I can feel that my finger is still in the middle of second push of the left click button by calling firefox, but firefox has already started and already on screen.
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