How to recover files deleted by virus

hello, a virus deleted all the files of my sd card. Can this still be recovered? when I checked the properties, the used space was only 500mb..where in fact the total used was 1.5gb..almost 1gb was deleted. Can i still recover that 1 gb? or that 500mb? but I still can't open that 500mb remaining. Any help please. really really want to recover it coz those are all very important..
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  1. Its not that hard.
  2. Your memory card might be infected with a shortcut virus when you plugged in the memory card and does not open the actual contents on the drive or see nothing...1st thing you need to do is to scan your card first with an antivirus program then try this software
  3. make sure its free of virus before pursuing any recovery effort. Else you expose your computer to further exposure to whatever virus you are dealing with.
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