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I just got my computer yesterday plugged everything in. I installed Windows 7 and added an extra partition for ubuntu. in the process of installing I had to restart the PC often. I had just finishing playing a game I closed the computer completely and now whenever I boot up I can't get to the boot screen. My screen tells me there is a signal (light is green instead of turn orange) but I don't get image. Anyone knows why did the Video stop all of a sudden? (I am able to boot if I take it out).
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  1. I might have not been really clear. Here is what I sent as a support ticket to XFX:
    After receiving a faulty motherboard I had to wait before I could try my new GPU (XFX ATI Radeon HD 5850). I inserted the GPU in the PCIe slot and plugged in both 6-Pin power connector as stated in the installation guide. I then installed Windows 7, ATI Driver and ATI Catalyst Control Panel. I than installed StarCraft II and played for 15-30 min. Right after I was finished playing I shutdown the computer. A bit later that evening, when I booted my computer I wasn`t getting any signal from my GPU. I check my DVI cable, the 6-Pin connectors and check if the card was firmly in place but I still wasn`t getting any signal. I went ahead and placed the GPU aside to iliminate any chace of other problems. The computer booted just fine. As soon as I plug the GPU and DVI cable to it I don`t get a signal and can`t even get to the Bios menu. Am I doing something wrong, forgetting something or is there a problem with the GPU? Because it was working before I closed the computer. People suggested clearing the CMOS, could that work?

  2. what motherboard u have when i got my xfx 750i the same thing happend with me
    when i searched on internet about this some said this happens due to GFX

    gfx is not plugged in pci slot correctly give u r card a push in slot this solved my problem hope it solves urs
  3. I have a Gigabyte 890GPA-UDH3 Rev: 2.0. I just install all the drivers and updated everything (Bios) and I will try to put it back in later hopefully it was a problem with the BIOS.
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