My VGA card run at x8 instead of x16

i have nvidia Geforce GTX 560Ti and gigabyte GA-Z68X-UD3-B3 Motherboard i notes that my VGA card run at x8 instead of x16 from (GPU-Z and AIDA64 Extreme Edition),i installed my card in the first slot that has a label (pcix16) and i don't have any card installed in the second slot, so how can i run my card at x16 speed ?
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  1. thanks guys i figure it out i disabled USB3 turbo and it's work it's read x16 , :)
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    Yep know issue, oddly in some cases USB 3.0 Turbo Disabling turns-off other PCIe slots. Damned if you and damned if you don't.
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  4. motherboard manufacturer must solve this problem in future products
  5. The issue is that the 'USB Turbo' Enabled ties into the GPU PCIe lanes to 'steal' additional bandwidth. IMO - GA simply need to quit doing this practice. I've seen 4-5 cases of this ranging up to the UD7's.
  6. as you say GA simply need to quit doing this practice or alert user about this so the user don't Freak when see the bus width decrease from x16 to x8
  7. Imagine the 1000's that don't look with GPU-z! At least you were smart enough to check.

    I'm with you! :)
  8. thanks :)
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