Need help with HDD backup

Ok so I bought my first SSD drive (128Gb Kingston) and installed a fresh copy of windows 7 onto it. Now I want to take all the data off of my current 650Gb internal HDD and back it up to my 3Tb Seagate external drive, then wipe the internal clean.
I plan on using the SSD for just windows and some select programs/files, and everything else will go on the internal, and I want to just transfer the files over as I need them, rather than just doing a restore, so I can clean things up a bit.
Would the windows backup utility do the trick? Or should I get a third party program :??: Is Seagates software any good?
I eventually want to get another internal HDD just for my games, since Steam has taken over my computers storage :D , and use the current internal for everything else.
Any help with the process of doing this is appreciated.
On a side note, how difficult would it be to transfer my antivirus, and malwarebytes subscriptions over?
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  1. I don't think you need a backup program. Just copy the entire "users" folder to you external drive.
  2. Copying the "users" folder wouldn't grab all the data I need though, I got some game data and some programs installed outside of the user folders looks like.
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