ASUS Maximus IV wont run dual channel?

Hi, I have recently build a computer with the ASUS Maximus IV Extreme B3 and CMP12GX3M3A1600C9 (Corsair Dominator DHX DDR3 1600MHz 12GB)memory
In the ram package there was 3 memory chips for triple channel. This was my first build so i didnt know much. And I still dont know much:D The motherboard is dual channel.
So i put in all the chips, firtst in the 2 red slots (DIMM A2 & DIMM B2) and then the last in the first slot (DIMM A1). After this, the pc would not boot. just restarted itself a couples of times and then ran just fine, but the screen was total black and i didnt get a signal. So i removed the first chip (DIMM A1) And let the 2 chips in the red slots be in. This didnt reboot either. Even so! it stands in the manual that this setup would be the best and give most performance. After this i tried too run 2 chips in DIMM A1 & DIMM A2)... This actually worked but i know its not running optimal. Do I need to buy new chips that comes in dual channel packages? I thougth the chips was exactly the same as the ones in the triple channel package? I will gladly buy new chips if i must:)But can anyone tell me what i do wrong? I still got allot to learn!
And sorry for my English, but I talk and read better than i write:) So I will be able to understand what answers i get!
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  1. You have 4 ram slots, which are color coded. Run matched pairs in either 2 red or 2 black slots; running only three and leaving one empty is the problem. Tripple channel ram is for 1366, not 1155 boards. You can buy a 4th stick that matches the first three closely in specs and it should run fine. In summary, your board runs only in dual channel mode, which is determined by the motherboard chipset, not the ram. Your tripple channel ram will work but only in dual channel mode.
  2. That i have already figured out:) I removed one and then put 2chips in the 2 red slots. As the manual show for optimal performance. But the pc wont boot. I need to run them in one black slot and one red slot for the computer too work.
  3. I'm surprised. But I would still try all four slots. Buy an extra stick while it's still so cheap.
  4. IMO - either exchange your RAM for 4x4GB Kit or leave it as-is and forget Dual Channel. Obviously, each Channel MUST be the same size {e.g. not CH 0 8GB & CH 1 4GB}, but with DDR3 the differences of Dual vs Single Channel is negligible and 12GB vs 8GB -- more RAM is better.

    Further, 1.65v DDR3 isn't the 'ideal' option for Sandy Bridge. It will run 1.65v but 1.50v is the better option because of the acceptable QPI/VCCIO {1.20v} to DRAM 1.65v voltage disparity.

    I disagree with adding one stick of 4GB; first no guarantees of running DDR3 1600, and second Corsair Dominators are only sold in sets.

    IMO - if possible get 4x4GB Set of Corsair Vengeance $155 CMZ16GX3M4A1600C9 -> 1.50v + same price + 4GB more ;)
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