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My Current System I will Hopefully Selling to a friend, so i need some input on how much I should sell it for.
Current PC Spec:

Antec 900 Case
Nvidia 8800 gts 512
Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 @ 2.4ghz
Samsung 750GB Sata
Sony Optiarc Lightscribe
Arctic Cooling Freezer 7 Pro
Corsair 650W TX Series PSU
Windows 7 64bit

Any Suggestion On how Much To Sell It for?

New PC:


BUDGET RANGE: £700 + Money from Selling PC








MONITOR RESOLUTION: Whatever screen i buy

So i basically need everything except OS, I need: (keyboard, mouse, screen, speakers + Computer)

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  1. You gotta keep absolutely everything from your old PC barring the CPU, Mobo GPU & RAM.

    Sell 'em on EBay/Craigslist or something & get the following for much less than 900 quids. (I'm not from the UK, but you should certainly get more than GBP 200 for those parts)

    CPU : Intel i7 930 - 223

    Mobo : Gigabyte GA-X58A-UD3R - 153

    RAM : Corsair 6GB (3x2GB) - 156

    GPU : Asus GTX480 1536MB GDDR5 - 366

    Total = 223+153+156+366=898. This is pretty much within your budget.

    You will destroy pretty much everything with this config.

    If you wanna save a bit, go with an i7 870 + P55 Mobo.
  2. I mean i was going to sell my current pc, then with the money plus 700£ buy a new rig
  3. Yeah, that's what I meant - don't sell the whole of your pc. The components I'm asking you to keep look extremely good. Also this way, you're gonna have a kicka$$ config.
  4. Just one thing - If you throw away the Corsair 650TX, I'll ask you to get another Corsair/Antec.

    If you throw away the Antec 900, I'll ask you to get another Antec/HAF.

    If you throw away the Sony, I'll ask you to get another Sony/LG/Samsung.

    Same with the HDD & Cooler. You see where I'm going with this? These brands are the industry standards and to throw them away will be a collosal mistake, coz you'll have to buy the same old components back at new prices.

    Makes no sense to me at all.
  5. Im not throwing it away im selling my older computer to a friend
  6. IMO just grab a good CPU cooler, overclock your 6600, and wait a few (few) months for the 6XXX series videocards+sandy bridge.

    The Q6600 at 3.0 is not a limiting factor in games. If anything upgrade the vidcard to a 470 for cheap in the meantime.

    And the i7 has a 25% clockspeed advantage+turbo in those benchmarks.
  7. Hi mac4me, selling the pre owned components will fetch you half the current market price (maybe less). So selling the Corsair 650 that you already own & then getting another Corsair 650TX for more to me is equivalent to 'throwing away'.

    Either way, your total expenditure will still be 700 whether you decide to sell the entire system, or just the 4 components that I talked 'bout. But if you keep some of the stuff you already own, you'll not have to pay for 'em any more & you'll be able to spend the entirety of your budget on the CPU/Mobo/RAM/GPU, thereby making your system much, much more kicka$$ & hardcore.

    Overall, if somebody came to me with a 1200 Pound budget, this is what I'd recommend ---

    CPU - i7 930

    Mobo - Gigabyte x58 UD3/Sabertooth/Rampage III

    RAM - Corsair/G.Skill/Kingston 3 X 2GB CL7 (Max 1.65v)

    HDD - Samsung Spinpoint F3/F4

    GPU - GTX 480/5870/5970 (Depends on budget, resolution, Games played & preference for ATI/NVidia)

    ODD - Sony Optiarc/LG/Samsung 22/24X DVD+-RW Dual layer, Muilti format with Lighscribe

    PSU - Corsair 650TX

    Cooler - Hyper 212+/Noctua NH-D14/Arctic Freezer

    Case - Personal preference. I'll say Antec 900/902/CM HAF 9xx

    I hope it's clear to you now as to why I'm asking you to keep some of your components. The aforementioned system is almost as high end as it could get without getting into the realms of the absurd.

    Lucky you, you already have these top of the line stuff. If you still want 'NEW', get the alternatives I just listed. That should do it.
  8. The 460 is the best choice by far at that price point. Go with the Gigabyte you've linked. I personally like EVGA/Asus for NVidia cards, so you might take a look at - EVGA GeForce GTX 460 - for 178 pounds.

    Never bought a pre-overclocked CPU/Mobo bundle before, so I wouldn't know whether it'll be stable either. Maybe somebody else can guide you through that. The components look pretty good though. Strangely, the Asus P6x58D-E is actually 5 pounds cheaper. It actually costs $10 more than the Giga on Newegg. So if you do decide to go with this bundle, that would be my choice.

    Also, now that Intel has dropped the 950 price to roughly the same as that of the 930, it'll be worth while to check that out as well.

    Never heard of Liyama, maybe because it's an UK brand or something. It may well be pretty good, but personally, I like to stick to Samsung/LG/Acer/Dell/Asus etc. For a 24" screen, this would be my choice - LG 24" LCD display - great response time, very good contrast ratio, full HD, 16.7 Million colours, 300 cd/m2 brightness. Almost perfect for 153 pounds, I'll say.

    For keyboard & mouse, you can never go wrong with Logitech. Pick one at your price point. Starts from around 10 pounds for regular KB/Mouse combos. Gaming ones would of course be a whole lot more expensive.
  9. I was looking at some of your other threads, & saw pretty much everybody - just like me - suggesting that you keep most, if not all of your stuff. I hope you realize that that is because you already have got great specs as it is. But that was earlier this year. Since then, prices have come down significantly, and if you now do wanna upgrade, nothing but the ones you listed above needs an upgrade. So I do hope that you keep the rest of your stuff for a couple of years more at least, 'coz it'd be a crying shame to lose all that for cheap.

    If you're willing to wait a while though, (about 6 months) Intel's gonna come out with their new platform and while it'll be pricey to begin with, the current generation stuff is definitely gonna get a little cheaper.
  10. Thanks for the much appreciate advice, yeah im goona keep the parts i need, going to buy the stuff above, I cant really wait 6 months due to the fact that my graphics card has packed up. Final build i think:



    Monitor (was looking for one with speakers)

    Mouse + Keyboard
  11. Now that you've got a 950 bundle cheaper than a 930 bundle, I think it looks pretty good.

    Depending on your budget, you can also look at This Desk-Set

    Btw, both NVidia & ATI (now AMD) are gonna come out with new cards by November, I think - So it ain't 6 months away no more.

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