Brand new compuer runs slow

I built a new system using a asus p5nd 750i sli motherboard, a gts 250, 250 gb hd, 600w psu, 2 gigs kingston ram and an intel pentium d dual core processor 2.66 ghz.

After building this system and a fresh install of windows 7 32bit on the first run generally everything ran slow. Even going online on IE and firefox was slow to the point where i had to wait more than 10 secs for my email to load. Also when streaming videos the download was good but the playback was terrible. Every second it sticks so there is never smothe playtime always sticking.

Also i installed call of duty 4(not the least bit demanding) and i cant even run this on the lowest possible graphic settings without it sticking just like when i try to watch videos.

I took its temperature with software that came with the asus board and it says the the cpu and the motherboard are both 50 degrees Celsius.

What is the problem here? is it the heat that is dramatically lowering this pc's performance or is it something else. How do i fix it?
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  1. Keep to one thread or the other, its more efficient if you just update a thread than create a new one.
  2. Yea im sorry im new to tom's hardware and i clicked reset discussion and it deleted all of the previous ones. my apologies.
  3. I wouldnt use the temp software that came with the ASUS board, mine was a bit flaky, i prefer HW monitor to it, but if your CPU is 50C at idle its either really hot where you are or somethings not cooling it right. When you watch a video how high does it get up to?
  4. it goes up a bit but when i run call of duty it goes to 55
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