I can't get the ati catalyst control center to open..have tried every suggestion i've read on the issue. COuld it be that i have not downloaded catalyst drivers?
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    fill in the form, then download the first option.
  2. thnx jryan for yur answer but it did not solve my problem. I need to know how to open the control center after downloading won't open. i'm pretty good at identifying my comp type and the components in it...i need to know if my failur eto download the catalyst drivers contribute to my inability to opent he control center...plz help!!!!!!!!
  3. After installing it, you can either get to it through the start menu or by right-clicking on your desktop and selecting "catalyst control center"
  4. :bounce: i've tried that, but it still won't open. sorry to be persistent, but man, i think i'm about to just give up on it. :bounce:
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