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To build a server/website to host a secure video conference for up to 25 people in remote areas at the same time. (is it possible?)

Website needs:

For the most part this well be a dumping ground of Media, Docs, Forum and E-mail (possible 20,000 people so..growth in mind) and occasional live video streams

I have an open mind as to what to use on EVERYTHING please keep in mind power consumption is the only pet pea I have!

So I'm open from OS, Software to Hardware let the opinions begin.

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  1. VC for upto 25 ppl :) will require you to use super fast drives for superfast connectivity and transmission so The Revo Drive types should be good for that....
    Massive dumping of media docs can use the 3TB platter Drives depending on the need don't forget the backup arrays you might need for that data.....
    For the mobo and processor I'd suggest using a quad processor board for AMD Magny Cours with ample ECC RAM....
    I think they beat the intels at price... :)
    My Personal Preference would be
    Mobo : 595$
    Proc : 769$ X4
    RAM : 259$ X16
    PCIe : 4900$ X2
    SATA : 130$ Xx

    That should be about it.....
    Now whats remaining is the PSU.....
    I don't exactly know whether the board supports the Proc socket type but I'd go for a board that does support the processor type there.... :)
  2. -Thank you alyoshka,

    Forgive my but wow... :o lil shocked at price here on them SSD Z-drives I see they have the Z-Drive R2 E84 PCI-E x8 I/O at 900ish MB/s which is an SLC architecture.

    I read somewhere that the MLC architecture was the better, from an review, is this true? (lota cash for something that will deterate or bog down from read/write issues)

    I was looking through neweggs SSD's and saw a RevoDrive X2 model OCZSSDPX-1RVDX0240 that they have same size a 256 GB drive but the interface is a PCI-E x4 and the I/O is 700ish MB/s I understand the jump between the two interfaces and it is almost double but... :bounce: $5000.00 x 2 oui really is that what is needed 25 ppl. is worst case senrio more on the line of 10 to 12 ppl. at a time the 25 ppl. is a rare occassion thing but will happen from time to time.

    RevoDrive X2 model OCZSSDPX-1RVDX0240 link below:

    As for the processer was hoping for a lil more conservitive on power consumption was looking at the magna but as cost goes again :sweat:
    so lil digging I found this. (power is really an issue very expensive in winter hours which sometime is 6mos. long)

    AMD Opteron 4176 HE Lisbon 2.4GHz 6 x 512KB L2 Cache 6MB L3 Cache Socket C32 Six-Core Server Processor OS4176OFU6DGOWO link below

    the motherboard you say should support quad proc. units does that mean in order for the board to operate all four must have a unit to operate or can I start with just two and go from there?

    sorry for bombarding you with such a task to evualate but I trust the forum members opinions and really I'm a newbie when it come to this theme of a build.

  3. SLC is the better technology, hence it's use in the high end and much higher pricetag. but that doesnt matter. what matters is the end result.

    the motherboard you say should support quad proc. units does that mean in order for the board to operate all four must have a unit to operate or can I start with just two and go from there?
    no you can use one. but I believe you cannot use 3.
  4. The MLC's came out toactually make SSDs more popular, the level of wear & tear in an MLC is Higher thats the reason the SLC has a much longer life than a MLC and since there is less of wear & tear they are more safe for perpetual writes & rewrites, making them ideal for servers and not for domestic use.
    No you don't need 2 SSDs you can do with 2 Half the size ones...... too for 25 PPL it's not the size thats going to matter too much it's going to be the speed at which they transfer the Video and & audio... so it's more of 25X MBPS per VC at any given time....
    The Revo2 is a revision of the Revo which is a MLC again targeting the domestic consumer.....
    Yes, the mobos support 2 or 4 processors...... so you can start with 2 and then go upto 4.
    The processor that I pointed out was 80W Average Power I think.... and your suggestion is 50W average power.
    Hmmm for nearly half the price you're getting half the number of cores......
    From what hte site seems to say about the board you can use any number of processors upto 4 on the board, you just need to get the BIOS right and the jumpers right to support them.
    And also utilization of certain RAM slots comes only dependent on the CPU socket populated.....
  5. Ok I think I gotcha guys on the arch. Now.... if I'm understanding you say one of Z - SSD will do fine, but... also 2 smaller one in a raid array will work too (meaning 2 x PCI-E x4 as the smaller as opposed to an 1 x PCI-E x8) sorry just trying to clarify.

    What about a GPU or is the on board enough?
  6. For normal video the IGP is fine not not required for the VC.
    No, I'm saying 2 Small PCIe SSDs will do fine, you can RAID them to make a Backup ... but I doubt you can do a PCIe RAID on two different PCIe Slots..... I think you can use the PCIe SSDs RAID Controller to do that....On the Same SSD not on the one that populates the next slot....
    I Think......
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