ok guys so im bored so i wana know what got u into pc's and/or gaming was it ur first game or did sum1 influence u or did u fall inlove with the buttons n shiny cases?? :hello:
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  1. My first "PC" was a Radio Shack TRS80 model 1, upgraded to level 2 (for the massive 16K ram) and had a tape recorder to save and load my programs. That was before Microsoft, MS Dos and the IBM PC existed.
  2. i still have a pentium 1 somewhere in the storeroom hehe and i remember when my bro got a pentium II and it was like the best thing on the market and all his friends came over and were gawking over the thing, the funny thing is in tho old days they used to think 8mb of ram was alot, right now we see 8gb of ram as alot i wonder in the future if people will be laughing at 8gb of ram as we laugh at 8mb, maybe in the future 40 or even 400gb of ram would be the norm????
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