I7-950 or e5530

I don't know which processor is the best
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  1. Server cpu are made to process information of more than a single user where as desktop cpu is made for processing of one person..Of course the e5530 would win.
    However, the Xeon 5*** series do have additional features, like hardware virtualization, better powersaving techniques, flexmigration, dual processor setups etc..Servers are made to run 24/7..
  2. Hi Zulfadhli.

    I have a computer, workstation with windows7 64 bit, processor E5530, 12Gb RAM 2000Mhz, motherboard Asus P6T WS Professional
    video card Ati radeon 4GB
    I see my processor in task manager to go 90% when i do render in adobe premiere cs3.

    A friend of mine has a computer with
    windows xp sp3 32bit, 3Gb Ram, video card ati radeon 1 Gb, motherboard Asus P6T SE. processor i7-920 and in task manager it goes in 25 % when doing render in Adobe premiere 1.5
    I don't know where is the problem that mine computer uses almost all the Processor.
    Maybe Adobe premiere Cs3 makes the difference...
  3. i7 has been known to excel in SIMD , such that is video encoding,rendering(it should be also in)..In other words xeons are used to manipulate more information at the same time but at a slower pace..
  4. In todays world xeons and i7 arent that big of a gap apart in terms of performance..The problem is that each have different instruction sets.However my specialization is not towards xeons..Please do help me cuz i am a bit confused why his xeon would be used up to the max usage..
  5. I put just some effects in Premiere and it goes 90 % I don't know why...
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