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  1. They are all built from identical specifications, so the difference is made up of value-adds. Some manufacturers will pre-overclock their cards, add custom cooling and bundle games or other software with it, obviously at a price. So be on the lookout for this when choosing a card. A 5% overclock does not justify a 20% price bump over the stock model.
  2. There are really the same cards, like it was said, there may be a small bump in speed for a waste of money. if anything check out the manufacturers warranties. A lot of people go to different brands depending how their warranty is.
  3. Hi Death1234 (interesting nic), I currently have a warranty repaired 5870 2gb Eyefinity card for sale. Let me know if you're interested, might save youself some money.

    Here's a link to the card I have for sale,
    Model number is HD-587A-CNF9
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