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I currently have 4G(2Gx2) of DDR3 2000mhz timings are 9-10-9-27/1.65v.Currently running it in SPD mode at 1333mhz with timings of 9-9-9-24/1.5v because of my mobo.

The RAM I have is 2000mhz but with a voltage of of 1.65 at that speed.I've been looking around for some new 990FX mobo's and all of them have 1.5volt RAM slots.Can i run my RAM at 1.65 volts even though the mobo says it's RAM slots run at 1.5 volts? I haven't come across any mobo's that run at 1.6volts or above.
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  1. You can but not recommended. Keep the 1.5V/1333 and try to tighten the latencies further but the current settings are OK.
  2. Well why even make RAM 1.65v if no motherboards support it?
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    IIRC, AMD CPUs can run 1.65v RAM just fine. It's Intel that doesn't recommend it.

    And they still make the higher-voltage DDR3 because previous generations of boards still support it.
  4. O I see.How does the RAM voltage have any affect on the CPU?
  5. Because the memory controller is built into the CPU, it can be fried if the RAM voltage is too high.
  6. Alright.

    Thankyou so much.
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