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I recreated down upon my head a logical drive, who doesn`t know what is it- never mind :) The most important thing is that i`ve lost all the files, and it`s not very good. I`ve tried a buch of foreign programs , and found this one: Hetman Partition Recovery Who has already used it? They say it`s not bad, but i`m too lazy to install something that will disappoint me. What else can i try in my case?
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  1. Do you know if you had added that drive letter to System Recovery?
  2. I have ever tried a free drive recovery tool that works really well. You can give it a shot.
    At that time, my WD 1TB flash drive was attacked by virus and became inaccessible, which has held all my photos, videos, songs and files. I nearly burst into tears after realizing this bad situation. After searching on the internet, I eventually found this drive recovery freeware that finally recovered all my lost data back. Just like a miracle.

    Therefore, I believe it will help you. You could download it there:

    Important note: You are supposed to make data backup regularly in case of similar problems.
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