450 Watts with GTX 460

I plan on using it for some light gaming (Crysis games at 1280*1024)
I've got a Phenom II X4 CPU, I think it is 95W. I really would like to find the right PSU for my system. I'm not overclocking, and I don't have much more money left to spend on components. I read in some places that the card uses up to 150W my current PSU is 300, will a 450W PSU be enough?

Also is there a way to downclock a card to use less energy?
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  1. What make and model is the 450W PSU you will be buying?

    You can downclock a graphics card, but to make the card use less energy you'd have to underclock it and undervolt it, IMO if your going to do that then don't bother buying the card in the first place.
  2. For your resolution, get GTS250 or HD4850, it's more than enough...
    And a good brand 450W would be enough for that card.
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    If its a good brand 450w such as corsair, then yes a 450w will do the job fine.

    however don't go buying a cheap or unknown PSU.
  4. I just wanted to know if it was possible to underclock for educational purposes, I don't plan on doing it with this card. I was planning on getting the Corsair 450W PSU so I should be good to go now from what I read.

    @Wa1 I want a GTX 460 for DX11 and PhysX to stay ahead of the game, which is why I also went with a quad-core rather than a dual. I like to prepare for the future.
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  6. Current video cards including the GTX 460 underclock themselves automatically to save power when appropriate so don't worry about it.
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