No Signal to Monitor! Need Help!

I just put together a system for a friend. Started it up, the mobo's LEDs indicate all slots working normally, and no beeps, RAM is in right place and no LED indicating theres a problem.

System is:

i7 930
MSI x58 Pro-E
Sapphire 5770 1gb
6gb OCZ Gold DDR3 1600
Creative X-Fi Fatality
XFX 650 XXX Edition PSU
2 Seagate 1tb HDDs

tried removing sound card, changing RAM position and tried just using 1 stick, used a different monitor, and no luck.... it just says "no signal" from the monitors... I'm thinking the problem is either the video card or the mobo i dont have another video card to test to isolate that as the issue... can anyone help?
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  1. Do you have a system speaker plugged into the motherboard? Try with just the bare bones, i.e. take out the sound card and one of the HDDs. Make sure everything else is seated correctly, take them out and put them back in if need be.

    If that doesn't work, step through this guide and let us know how each step goes:
  2. Power cables properly connected to the video card?
    DVI/RGB firmly seated to the video card?
  3. There is an 8 pin CPU port right behind the keyboard/mouse port. Make sure the PSU 8 pin power is plugged into that port.
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