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Hi everyone,

I have an Alienware Area-51 laptop with Dual 512Mb Nvidia GeForce Go 7950 GTX SLI Enabled, where D modul (Daughter) start making problems. As it became a nightmare, I would like to get a new card/s for my laptop as I am already emotionaly attached for this small thing. Can DUAL - 512MB ATI MOBILITY RADEON HD3870 CrossFireX™ Enabled be suitable replacement or if anybody knows better solution as I am not much tech wiz. :pt1cable:
Best regards :hello:
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  1. Hello and welcome to the to the forums
    Which model do you exactly have? (is it mALX? m9700? ....)
  2. Hi, thanks for question.
    On the bottom there is a label m9700, but in bill when I paid the laptop it says m9750.
  3. Well they are different,because m9700 uses a single core CPU whereas m9750 support dual core but i did a search and it seems its possible to use it in both systems.
  4. Hi there, sorry for very late reply, my Alienware is assembled in Alienware and is m9750, all others assembled in Dell are m9700.
  5. If it is pci-e for mobile and the cooling system can be used with other gpus then you could look around Nivdia based solutions if you wish to maintain sli. I don't know if you can use Crossfire on your laptop but if it is possible then it maybe worth while however it will be expensive.
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