How to replace a usb port on a compaq computer

everytime I plug in my flash drive my computer restarts over and over and never connects. And when I plug in my mp3 player nothing happens. Can I replace the usb ports myself?
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  1. sounds like a short.

    just get a usb add in card. you can get some usb extension cables to make it convienent (ie not have to plug stuff in the back of computer)
  2. Are we looking at a front port of back port? If its a front port, the design is prprietary so there is not real easy way to replace it short of finding the same model and taking it from that.

    if its a back port it would require a really good soldering job and in most cases since they have started to use wave soldering, near impossible to do without damaging the mobo.

    If it is a front port though you could check the solder joints and wires. Most of them have exposed joints and thats a bit easier to fix.

    Or do it the easy way and get a PCI USB card.
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