Gateway Prebuild Any good? (FX series)

for $1000 brand new is this comp any good? Gateway FX6840-03e

please dont say build your own, i know i can build my own better and faster and cheaper. there is a reason why i am not doing that.

is this computer upgradable? is the 5770 enough to play World of Warcraft? is the i7 860 a decent processor? i dont need a usb 3.0 Mobo, i will build a new comp later down the road when i have money to do it right.

for a prebuild it seems decetn and a lot of reviews say its very good @ running cod4, wow, and crysis.

your thoughts?
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  1. Its way more CPU and RAM than you need. 4GB RAM would be plenty and an i5 750/760 would still be CPU overkill.

    A 5770 will play WoW on a 1920x1080 mointor at very high settings, maybe close to max settings.
  2. ^ Yup. WoW is an old game, any decent card can run it. Just curious, why are you not building if you can do it? Is this for a friend,relative,etc?
  3. my work has a system where you can buy a computer and they will take it out of your check over 40weeks, they wont allow me to build my own. And if they would allow me to do so I wouldnt know how to format the HD and install the OS.

    what would be a better card that will run off of a 500w PSU, that can play more recent games?

    what would an ideal GPU be on say an 800w psu?
  4. For a 800W, you better be doing 2x5850 CrossFire. My question is, why is the PSU relevant in a PC designed to play WoW? The GPU will be the deciding factor here.

    Also, do note, wattage != quality. It's the quality of the power the PSU can provide that matters. For PSUs, stick with Corsair, PC Power & Cooling, XFX, OCZ, Antec, and Seasonic.
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