Pegatron IPMTB-TK (X58 Express) Motherboard Upgrade


Just under 2 years ago, I purchased an HP Elite e9180f which was apart of the long list of HP Elite desktops running the faulty revision of the Pegatron IPMTB-TK motherboard which faces lockups/BSODs on a daily basis.

At first the issue occurred once or twice within my first month and I didn't think anything of it. Throughout the months, I tried figuring out a fix and went through countless hours with HP support in trying to have this issue fixed/repaired/replaced. In the end, nothing worked and at one point I even had a service appointment set.

I found out that the issue was coming from the faulty motherboard, but still tried a number of fixes. After running the latest BIOS updates from time-to-time, I was able to actually solve the issue. I had no lockups or BSODs for the longest time, until of course they came back.

I have tried again applying the latest BIOS update, but there was no success and quite frankly, the lockups are pissing me off as I am now facing them multiple times in a day. I've decided that I will just pony up the cash and buy myself a new motherboard so here I am looking for a compatible and equivalent motherboard upgrade.

The motherboard specifications can be viewed at the HP website:

My budget is no more than $200, and of course the less the better. I'm looking for one with some sort of integrated audio with an optical audio out.

If you guys can suggest a good motherboard to replace my defective model within that price range, I would really appreciate it. I just signed up with Comcast to bring my internet speed up to 50mbps down/10mbps up and these lockups are the only real things I need to iron out before having a complete computer setup.

Thanks in advance, all suggestions are highly appreciated!
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  1. Newegg has an msi m58x micro atx that will work, but has no optical audio out, just the hdmi port. I would search ebay for Intel micro atx 1366 boards and see if Intel makes any. You will also need a new windows coa to use on any non-hp motherboard.
  2. I checked out eBay and the first results showed my motherboard, I'm hoping it is the new revision (p/n: 517194-001) which is the UL8E.

    Any other motherboard ideas?
  3. I know this is a really old thread but i have the same motherboard and same issue and i found out that if i restart the computer about 5 to 10 minutes after i boot it up it does not BSOD


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