Should I buy a new combo board/ram/cpu or an e8500


I'd like to bump up my gaming for another year and have an untapped asus p5n32 sli socket 775 running an intel 1.8ghz cpu.....will I see a decent speed upgrade or should i spend tripple the money and get a new combo?
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  1. I have no experience with Intel, but If you decide to build, wait until Sandy Bridge and Bulldozer come out. At the very least they will potentially reduce the price on current architectures.
  2. Thanks for the reply. If those werent coming out, or I couldnt wait...what would you do?
  3. You have not mentioned your current video card setup.. Am E8500 will surely fetch you noticeable benefits over your current 1.8 GHz CPU and will stay handsome for a year more at the minimum.. Going for it or not depends on what price you are getting it for.. If you can get a quad core like the Q9550 for say another 50 odd bucks, then better to consider it over the 8500..
  4. If those weren't coming out, I would save up and buy the best hardware I could - It would do me for all of eternity :D

    Is this your board?

    What is the model number of your current CPU? Core count?

    Core 2 Duos or Core 2 Quads are still very viable for gaming, especially if you are using the SLI on that board to full extent.

    If I read your original post correctly, you just want a build that will last you for another year. Were this an AMD build, I would definitely tell you to get an AM3 CPU, since it would be able to be used in a build a year down the road. Since Intel doesn't have that option, it's hard to say. If you'd still use your current system when you buy a new one, or would be able to sell your current system, and recoup some of the cost of a CPU upgrade, I'd say to go for it. If not, perhaps you should consider waiting with a slower system.

    Considering that Sandy Bridge is basically on top of us, and Bulldozer is coming soon, now is a bad time to build, but if you are totally desperate, buy the new processor.

    If you'd rather make a new build, wait a month or two, look at Black Friday and Boxing Day sales, and go with either a Phenom IIx4 or an i5. Good systems based around either of those will give you two or three years of life at the least.

    To conclude, I wouldn't make a buying decision that would only benefit me in the short term. If you would be able to sell your old system with a new CPU, go for it. If you plan to build new in a year anyway, perhaps it's better to wait. If you absolutely can't wait, buy a new CPU, but make sure your board supports it. Full CPU support list can be found here:
  5. Thanks for all the great help!

    I should have mentioned my current setup. I have an Nvidia 260 OC, 8GB RAM, a ASUS P5N32-SLI Plus, not the premier. I think my CPU is a core duo 1.8, slooooow.

    I was thinking if I stuck the E8500 and perhaps another 260 I would be set for another year or so of gaming for around 300, but if I had to replace my CPU, MBoard, RAM, I'd be around 500 and I wanted some advice.....

    sounds like the sandy bridge is worth waiting for, but what's the price tag on that for a CPU, MB, and 8Gb of RAM?

    Thanks again guys!
  6. Well its only at the most 1.5 months away. So its better to wait. Even i would have asked you get something now. But its too close to the SB release.
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