Nforce 630i and xfx nvidia 250GTS!!!!!

My specs is:
XfX nvidia nforce 630i/7100 Geforce motherboard
160GB sata 2 HDD
intel core 2 DUO processor 2.80Ghz E7400
AND iball gamer cabinet with 250WATT smps!
and a LG FLATRON W204T LCD monitor 20"

Are u people guaranteed that the xfx Nvidia 250GTS will work with my motherboard and processor correctly!!!! :sweat:
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  1. If your motherboard has a pci express x16 slot, it will work, but your power supply may be a different matter. I would not try to run a gts 250 off of a 250 watt power supply. Get a decent 450-500 watt from a decent brand.
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