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I am experiencing high fps lag in starcraft 2 during large battles when my pc is way over the recommended requirements. I checked the cpu usage and gpu usage while playing sc2 and it shows that it doesnt even use the full usage of the gpu or the cpu. The gpu displays only 33% usage in sc2 and the cpu only using about 70% in 1 core and 30% in the rest. i tried lowering the graphics all the way down to low everything to low and i still get fps lag in large battles.

My computer:
Asus m4a88td-v EVO
AMD Phenom 965 x4 3.4 ghz
EVGA Geforce gtx 460
2 x 2gb g skill ddr3 ram
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  1. Is that during single player or online multi-player?
  2. maybe is a driver issue, try reinstalling drivers or a game related issue... try reinstalling both and see
  3. SC2 takes more benefits with faster dual cores than slower quads (or 6 or 8).
    It seems that SC2 doesn't multithread that well.
    But your configuration should have no problem X4 965 is fast.
    I have heard, it seems that nVidias 400er have problems with SC2, I think the driver is still somehow buggy.
  4. I have the exact same problem as you. My system is a bit older, but still well over spec, but it slows to a crawl in large battles, even during replays and with settings turned down. Task manager shows CPU usage well below 50%, and MSI afterburner shows GPU usage below 70% (if I crank down the video settings, it stays below 30%!). I experienced this for the first and only time when I played 8 player FFA with 7 insane AI. In the final battle I had 10+ battlecruisers and vikings going against a max zerg army. At my normal res (1920x1200), I was getting less than 1 FPS. When I turned it down to 1280x768, I was getting probably 3-4 FPS. For the whole game outside of this battle, everything ran super smooth.

    My specs:
    Intel Core i7 920 @ 3.6GHz
    6GB DDR3 RAM
    GeForce GTX 280 (258.96 drivers)
    2xVelociraptor 300GB (RAID 0)
  5. Anyone found a solution yet? I'm looking to buy a config very similar to OP's, and am really worried that I may experience the same issue.

  6. Again, I think this is is due to driver problem or simply SC2 bug.
    I have also those lagging once in a while, and my system is not busy 100%, GPU shows about 60-70% on 1680x1050 Ultra no AA and CPu is about 40-60%.
  7. guanyu210379 said:
    Again, I think this is is due to driver problem or simply SC2 bug.
    I have also those lagging once in a while, and my system is not busy 100%, GPU shows about 60-70% on 1680x1050 Ultra no AA and CPu is about 40-60%.

    So eventually fixable? How good is Nvidia with updates?
  8. You got updates frequent enough (ATI too) but good? I ain't the one who writes the updates, and you ask them not me...
  9. What about an internet issue?
  10. its not an internet issue, if you have lag on battlenet the game will lag but the frames (FPS) will keep refershing (you might be paused for second, but the FPS still remains high).

    I had this problem with my setup as well, plus i would have intermittent lag in regular games where the FPS would drop to single digits for a second before resuming.

    My Specs at the time were

    AMD 440 rana @ 3.0ghz
    2gb ddr 3
    GTX 460 768mb
    Win 7
    1600x900 on ultra

    I thought it was the lack of video memory and or system RAM. But after reading this am starting to think it may have something to do with the Nvidia drivers. Especially after seeing other post here with top of the line i7CPUs and significantly more system ram and VRAM.

    I wish I had paid more attention when i briefly had a HD 5770 in my system.
  11. Sell your gtx460 and buy the 5870 Ati has already relesed stable drivers for SC2.
  12. Thats like saying sell your Honda and buy a BMW (regarding price; $210 vs. $400) + your Honda will actually kick the BMWs butt on the course you drive (aka SC2).,0101-260216-8305-0-0-0-jpg-.html

    I like to play with 4xAA on. As a mater of fact, the GTX 460 handily beats even the 5870. Reference the Toms hardware chart I posted. Without 4xAA the cards are pretty much the same, so why would i want to pay almost $200 (100%) more?

    That being said the lag problem was enough for me to get rid of the GTX 460. I am now using the 4250 IGP on low settings:( and waiting to see what the 6xxx series brings or price drops + updated drivers for the Fermis.
  13. your computer should be murdering sc2 on ultra.. even in 4v4s with max supply battles.. definitely a driver issue somewhere along the lines. i just ordered a 955be gtx460 asus m4a87td and hopefully i wont run into this =X
  14. Update: I got 4gb of ram now, and couldn't wait any longer for the new cards so I broke down and got a cheap interim card (will sell it when the new stuff comes - maybe); got a GT 240 for $45AR and I am shocked how well it works. So far, 2 days in, i've played several 1 v 1, 2 v2, and campaign games with great results. Setting 1600x900 (monitors native res), All setting on Ultra excluding reflections (off) & physics on low (honestly could not tell any difference in quality). Getting an average of 40fps with no stuttering (some cut scenes did get to 20s but didn't really matter). Starting to think it was all a system ram problem and HDD bottleneck. I'm so impressed with how this cheapo card is doing i think it will actually keep me happy for a while, might not even upgrade till much later.
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