1 generation away from severe cpu bottlenecks?

With 3-way you'll run into heaps of curiosities like power consumption, noise levels and then the CPU bottlenecks - that last one is just sheer dreadful.

Looks like were getting closer, and next gen will find huge increases in our gfx cards, with a new node and HKMG
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  1. LOL , that, or the compromizing gamers/devs/game houses

    As DX improvements are implemented, and tesselation is used more, as well as other implementations, the demand seems to be headed more at the cpu than the gpu, even for future releases on pure PC games
    Already, we see tesselation reaching minimal count on this years cards.
    With cpus multi cores, this should (hopefully) springboard more physix thru cpu in our games, which obviously has low impact on bottlenecking
    Since MT still seems to be at a crawl, I still see gpus outpacing our cpus near term
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