Weird Problem with WD My Passport

Been having a weird problem with a new rig and my Western Digital My Passport.

When I plug the Passport into any USB port (2.0 or 3.0) on the motherboard, it is detected and works fine in Windows.

When I plug it into the front USB 3.0 headers on my case, it does not get detected in windows.

I thought it was the front USB headers, but other things work just fine (thumb drivers, mouse, keyboard, etc.).

I installed all of the latest drivers for my motherboard (MSI Z77A-GD65) and BIOS is up to date.

This is my second one of these boards, as the first one was RMA'd for an unrelated issue, and I did have the same problem with that one too, so I'm wondering if it's an issue with the Passport? Or if I need to install something for it?

I don't know, it's weird that it doesn't work on the case USB headers but other things do.
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  1. The only thing you need to install for the My Passport drives (and even this is optional) is the WD SES Driver from here:

    Without it you will keep getting an error whenever the drive is plugged in, but the drive will still work for reading & writing.

    I don't have USB 3.0 ports so I can't test this theory, but if you haven't installed the SES Driver it may have something to do with your problem, although the info about that driver on the WD website mentions nothing about USB 3.0 so my theory is most likely wrong.
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