Having freezing and BSOD issues

My computer started acting weird lately. It happened 3 days ago when I was playing League of Legends. My computer froze 3 times before it finally Bsod'. After rebooting, the speed at which my system performs is noticeably slower. When I browse the web(I use chrome), it just randomly freezes for a few sec(definitely not my internet slowing down). Opening programs seems to take forever to the point where it doesn't open at all.

Now Im also hearing clicking sounds that generally come from the front side of the computer. Every time I open a few programs together the system just freezes, screen turns black, then the blue screen happens. It did this for about 10times over the past few days. Searched on google for answers, got something about hard drive failing, running memtest to check memory, reinstalling drivers.

With all the factors in hand, I came to the conclusion that it was a hard drive problem. Now Im not sure if it is, which is why I am here to ask for advice, before I purchase anything. I tried backing up my stuff in case, but it bsod s when I do it. Anything drastic just caused bsod s . I need help as I have little/limited experience.

( I have a seagate barricuda 7200rpm 1tb hdd, kingston hyperx 4 gb)
Almost forgot, but the Bsod s I got all indicated a 0x000000f4 error.
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  1. If you are hearing a clicking sound it could quite possibly be the hard drive is failing. I have heard clicking sounds just before a hard drive failed. How old is the drive? You should check with Seagate to see if it is still under warranty ( http://www.seagate.com/support/warranty-and-replacements/ or http://support.seagate.com/customer/en-us/warranty_validation.jsp ). I have read, as you have, about running a memory test but with the clicking sound I suspect the hard drive is the problem.
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