EVGA GTX 480 or EVGA GTX 480 Superclocked? Or GTX 465 SLI?

Alright, I've sold my video card and ready to pick up a new one.

I've decided on one of these two:


EVGA GTX 480 Superclocked:

Is it worth the extra money to hit up the Superlocked version? Or can I easily get those speeds with the regular version?

I'm not a hardware expert, so your advice would be great!
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  1. Get the Superclocked +

    it comes with backplate and highflow bracket and should knock 5-7 degrees off your temps. Def worth the extra 10-20 bucks.
  2. Actually I guess since your in Canada the shipping kinda hurts to order from EVGA directly.
  3. Yeah, shipping is really gonna hurt my pockets.

    I could also go with 2x 465's. Although I'm not sure if that'll fit in my case and if my PSU can handle it. I'm using an Antec 902 and an OCZ with 850 watts. My mobo is the Intel dx58so
  4. Yes and yes, as long as your mobo supports it.
  5. 2 x GTX460 will destroy a GTX 480 and would cost less, run cooler. :)

    Tom's just did an article on SLI performance with the GTX 460.
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