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If I get an OEM Hard Drive, what will I need?


Alright guys, I'm trying to find all the parts for my first build onto I have a store from them near by.

Anyways, I have a problem. I was originally gonna get a retail HDD from, but I want to pick up all my parts at my local Canadacomputers store, but it doesn't have any retail HDDs, only OEM.

So now I am forced to get an OEM product. I am scared that my HDD will be defective because an HDD is one of the few parts that are most likely to be defective. Since it's going to be OEM, what are the parts I will need to fully use the HDD? Thanks.
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    Sata cable. But your motherboard should come with one. Your PSU comes with sata power. You'll get a HDD with no box probably.
  2. What zinix said as well as screws. Your case should come with screws but if you do not have any then you will need some 6-32-5 screws, 2-4 for each hard drive, depending on your case.

    You may not actually need any at all if your case is tool less.
  3. Thanks guys for the quick replies!

    Anyways, so I went and looked into my motherboard and PSU details, and the Motherboard comes with 2 SATA 6GB/s connectors, and my PSU comes with 8 SATA connectors. So the cables I need I will have, right?

    And for the screws, does this case come with the screws needed?
  4. Yes it will have all screws needed + extras.
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  6. Alright guys, thanks.
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