Starcraft 2 gameplay requirements help please?

I was hoping to run the game on my HP Pavillion a6345f Desktop PC with:
Intel Core 2 Quad @ 2.4 GHz Q6600
300W max output

I have been running it on low for the first couple missions, but i wanted to upgrade my video card from the current PCI Intel Family one.
Could anyone give any suggestions for possible video cards or other software that i could run on my computer in order to play with higher graphics?
I'm very new to video cards, apparently my motherboard has 1 PCI (occupied), 2 PCI Express x1 (two available), 1 PCI Express x16 (one available).
If someone could please help, it'd be greatly appreciated.

if more info is required, let me know and i will post it.
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  1. what is your budget?
  2. a couple hundred right now, but if needed, i can get more.
  3. with that i need atleast 400W, i am considering buying a new power supply
    how does that work? can i just buy any power supply any plug it in?
  4. you should be able to run the 5670 on a 300w psu if you don't overclock or install anyothe hard drives, etc...

    if you want to install a new psu, here is a video guide:
  5. what does overclocking mean? sorry, im horribly new to this

    aand thanks for the video
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