Selling 9800 gtx+ 512mb

how much should i sell this bad boy for? i have a friend that asked if 75 was enough since i initially payed $135.99... any suggestions
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  1. It doesn't matter what you paid. The only thing that matters is what it is worth.

    A new 9800GTX+ can be bought for $120 now. $75 doesn't sound unreasonable. I would ask for $80 just to get 4 $20 bills.
  2. Used GTS250s are been selling for $60-80 now. So $75s a good price.
  3. 75/80$ depending on the condition of the card.
  4. I won my 9800gtx+ on ebay auction for about $62 plus shipping and total was about $75. and it was a used GPU.
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    Best Buy where I live is closing them out for 75 bucks
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