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Confused about PCI-e connectors on PSU

I am building a computer with a 460 card. It requires 2 PCI-e connectors from what I understand. I want to have the possibility of adding a second 460 down the road. I was looking at the Earthwatts 650 PSU but ran across a review of it that said that the 2 PCI-e connectors could pose a problem for SLI setups. Apparently the 460 requires 2 connectors, meaning that 2 cards would require 4. Is that correct? So do I need to look for a PSU with at least 4 PCI-e connectors?

I am now looking at the Truepower New 750w, which includes 2 x 6-Pin, 2 x 6+2-Pin. What is the difference between a 6 pin and a 6+2 pin, and would that setup suffice for dual 460s?

Thank you.
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    Yes, if one card takes two power connections then two cards will need four power connections.

    A 6+2 pin connection is a standard 6pin, but with an extra 2pins that could be used if you needed an 8pin. It's like older PSU's with a 24pin plug, which is actually a 20pin with a loose 4pin that can be used along side it.

    See here for the difference:

    Left: 6pin Right: 6+2pin.
  2. another option is to get a 4-pin molex to PCIE adapter cable
  3. snurp85 said:
    another option is to get a 4-pin molex to PCIE adapter cable

    But i would personally advise agaisnt this, as your "adapting" power which hasnt been manufacturered into the PSU.

    I would and always advised in getting a PSU which has been made which sufficent connectors for the work/scenario people are currently needing.
  4. Some graphics cards ONLY accept using the adapters. I've got two 8600GTS's in my old machine and I've tried with 3 different PSUs (400, 500 and 1100 watt) and on each PSU the cards would only display an image if I use a 2x Molex 4pin to 1x 6pin PCIE.

    You can get them here:
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