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I'm going to build a gaming pc next month but I'm stumped on how much RAM I need and what brand makes quality RAM, also, I know the Asus Rampage III Formula is a solid motherboard but I feel I could go a little cheaper and a little better.

Here is my gaming rig so far:
i7 950

HIS 6970 (when it comes out next month hopefully)

Antec 902 case

Seagate 500gb HDD

ThermalTake Frio

Corsair TX850 power supply

Please tell me how I could improve on the build and whether I've missing anything aside from the motherboard, RAM and optical drives.

P.S: Could anyone in Melbourne, Australia recommend a computer parts store.

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  1. Hi kennylikes2nom, Welcome to THW.

    There are several good companies making RAM: Kingston, Corsair, G-Skill, PNY, Crucial, OCZ, and Mushkin. You do not need to buy any fancy "Gamer" or "Extream Performance" that is just marketing.

    As for what RAM to buy, you are running a i7, which supports DDR3 tripple channel memory. You best choic to get is a 3x2GB kit of RAM becasue for it to work in tripple channel you need to have a set of 3 sticks of RAM working together, or 6 sticks if you do rendering, photoshop, audio/video encoding, or video editing. 6Gb is plenty of RAM for a gaming system and is the normal amount accepted to be used in gaming PC's today.

    The Asus Rampage III is a very good motherboard, but it s higher price is due to the extra features/software that make it an exelent OC motherboard. I am planning on usng this board myself when I can find it at a reasonable price, but there are other feeatures on this board that make it more expensive than others, X-Fi audio chip, Intel LAN, onboard on/off switch, SATS 6GB/s, USB 3.0, phased power, OC features and software, ROG connect, and I am sure there are more I cannot recall without looking at the specs.
  2. Get the HAF X case, sorry, I am in love with it.. :love:

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