How much watts UPS I need for my PC

I have now APC UPS 500 and after I bought my new card GTX 460 the load on UPS battery reaches 298 Watts (max is 300W) and sometimes my PC shutdown for over voltage in games like Crysis 2

I have the following PC i7 860/GTX460/DVD Writer / 24" Monitor / 3 H.DD / PSU 850 W

Please advise what is the minimum I need for my PC for 5 minutes after power off (I dont need more than that)

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  1. Well it sound like if you are drawing 298w from the UPS, then going with something that can hanle 350-400w will work, I dont not know what models of UPS are out there.

    Try using this tool on APC's website that is supposed to help you find the right UPS for you needs:

    Here is a link to the products I came up with:
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