Is there someway test my pci-e wattage power etc?

something strange happened when i swapped my old dead 8800 gt off and put 9800 gt get random slowdowns and works when they want and wont work when they dont want to :D some games lags almost all the time some not so... so could it be possible that dead card did somehow damage pci-e slot? this 9800 dont have any extra pin connectors to PSU so it only relies to pci-e i smell a problem there...8800gt did have extra pin connectors to psu. is there some trick or program how i can see does pci.e slot provide that required 75 wats or if it have some other problem. And this has nothing do with drivers :D! i know how to work with em! thanks very much for all answer!
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  1. Hello Plasma,

    Not sure there's a method of checking how much wattage is being delivered via the PCI-Express slot. If anything, it might be that your power supply is going coo-coo, but more likely it's something else.

    What are your full system specs?
  2. well my psu is brand new 400w corsair..8800gt did run even with 300w crap chinise model very well haha :D so its def not psu bet is 8800 gt did give somekinda shock or something to pci-e lsot when it died...and i hope it didnt infect whole motherboard...thast why i woudl like to elminate pci-e slot first..i mean they can be replaced without changin whole motherboard right?

    system specs are

    amd athlon 64x2 5000+ 2,60ghz
    windows vista 32-bit
    9800 gt 1gb ram ( green edition) thast why it hasnt exrta power connectorss i think... other 9800 gt models should have..
    3gb ram
    400w corsair psu
  3. Did you reinstall drivers? I know it might be the same card, but sometimes a re-installation might be the fix.

    BTW, look for burn marks in the PCIe slot, if there isnt any, most likely your mobos fine.
  4. mob seems be fine and i have re install drviers yes. but now i remebered one thing when i was checking motherboard but im not sure can it have any effect to video card performance...i broke one part of pci-e slot when i removed 8800gt..back of it was somekinda leveler or unlocker...dunno what it was really lol..card goes perfectly in pci-e slot but it moves kinda easy in slot when i give some hand push...
  5. take a pic?
    If its the plastic retention tab on the end it shouldn't affect anything.
  6. I have bit hard times to get good enough lighting qualifity and accuracy picture with my pretty poor webcam :D i may try :D so its normal that card moves a bit forward and back when u push it a with hand? other cards wont move that much or not at all when u try move em. Im just getting a bit desperated with opinions i really wouldnt like change whole motheboard :S but what can u do..almsot impossible to scan right error from 10000000 possiblities hehe.
  7. Did you break the white clip?

    However, you shouldn't be able to move the card horizontally at all when its firmly seated , try pushing down harder to the point you can barely seen the gold pins on the card.
  8. i think its that..its just black colored on my motherboard. card is so deep inside pci-e slot i can possible push it yeah but it still moves a bit horizontally espicially when i move card near of that black clip or lock whatever its called :D
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