This is my first post here so i hope that this question isnt already answered.

I have formated my hdd (wd 500gb), let me explain the way i have done it.
I took it out of my computer, then i connected it on second computer with win xp x32
and formated it. Then i putted it back to first computer and try to install win 7 x64 but something went wrong
because windows installation doesnt recognize it (it is not listed).

Mbr maybe?
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  1. Windows 7 likes the Ntfs format, if you formatted the drive with windows xp in Fat 32 then you will have to reformat it using NTFS instead.
    You should of put the windows dvd in the drive of the computer running the Hard drive and formatted the drive using windows 7 setup.
    The option to format the drive is there before you install windows 7 anyway. If the drive is not showing then you may have to change the interface type of the Hard drive from Sata, to Ahci mode in the bios first. Make sure you also do not have two devices on an IDE cable running as two master drives, one must be a master, hardisk, one must be a slave or it will cause a conflict and the drive will not be seen.
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