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I have a puzzle to solve.
I need to install a network printer so that anyone on the network can print on it. That would rather straight forward, however, the office where printer is to located has only one wall Ethernet socket and this socket has to be shared with a PC (i.e. a printer and a PC share the socket).

Switches/patch panel are two floors bellow, therefore printer can not be patched into the main switch/patch panel directly.

What I attempted to do, is to connect a switch (ant an old hub. not at the same time) in to the wall socket and then connect the printer and the PC into that switch.

Now the fun part. Once the switch is powered up, only the PC or the printer will be on the network, but not both at the same time.

When printer is on the network, people (except the PC that is on the same switch as the printer) are able to print on it, therefore I it is configured correctly.

How do I make both, the printer and the PC to be on the network?
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  1. What is the model number of the hub?
    Which ports on the hub are you connecting the LAN switch, PC, and printer to - are they labeled?
    Are you using a crossover cable at any point?
  2. What type of switch is the "main switch"? It may have some port security features enabled. For Cisco I believe you'd be seeing this line entered on the interface:

    switchport port-security violation restrict

    Assuming it's Cisco and this is set, you could either remove it by using "no" or by setting the maximum MAC addresses on that port to 2 using the below command:

    switchport port-security maximum 2
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