Using Onboard Soundcard and Creative Xfi together

My application is a virtual organ. I am using Sound synths to create the notes. I would like to be able to assign "ranks" of notes to individual channels, more than 2. With 2 audio cards, I have 4 channels available. I have been able to confuse XP by booting with the Xfi card as default, loading all the drivers, and then changing the default to the onboard audio. This works for one session only and does not always work. Is there a way to use 2 or more default audio cards?
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  1. The only way to use two cards at one time is if a program allows you to assign a non-default output to one of the devices. (IE: Windows and program would use the default output, but an individual program can be configuerd to use a different device instead).

    There might be other ways around the 1 device limitation, but don't know of them...
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