Intel core 2 extreme performance issues

I have a dell xps 700, intel core 2 extreme 2.93ghz, nvidia gtx 295 video, 4 gig ram 667, windows 7 64 bit system. Basically, it's a gaming system and plays well. My son just got Call of duty Black ops and performance has been very poor, choppy gameplay, low frame rates etc. I have trouble shot the system and game configuration extensively without any improvement. The consensus of both the company that made the game and my part of the cyberworld is that the game was coded poorly and simply does not function well with dual core processors and that all that need be done is some type of patch. Well the company has attempted several patches without any improvement. My question to this forum is this: Does this explanation make sense and if so is there any way I can diagnose whether my processor is the problem and can I do anything to improve performance if it is.
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  1. The patch has already been applied through Steam without any improvement. In fact, both my son and I think things have gotten worse. So I guess that it then. 60 bucks for a game that plays terribly and absolutely no recourse for the consumer other than to warn others.
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