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I have one 21.5” Alienware AW2210 OptX 1920x1080 HD Gaming Monitor, and plan on in the near future buying another one (so they will match) and running dual moniters. I just want to make sure thats it's possible and I'm not missing anything before I buy the moniter.

As far as Graphics Cards go I have Dual 1GB GDDR5 ATI Radeon HD 5770 with CrossfireX Enabled and I wasn't sure if they could run dual moniters or not? (Having never ran dual moniters I'm in the dark here)

Will Crossfire mess with multipule moniter screens?

I know I have multiple HDMI ports on the back, would I be looking at connecting each moniter to a seprete card via HDMI or would they both go to the same one, one being HDMI and the other connecting via DVI?

I understand that I might have to tinker on the software side to get the settings right, but I was just more worried about Hardware limitations and such with the Cards, Moniters, and various hook ups.

Any and all help is greatly appreciated!!!
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  1. You'll be perfectly fine, connect both via DVI on the first card and its pretty much plug and play.
  2. ok that was fast and got the answer I wanted too!!!

    This is just hypothetical (the moniters come with a DVI cable if I remember correctly so I would have 2), but what if I only had one DVI cable would it be possible to connect one via HDMI and one via DVI?

    EDIT: Can't believe I forgot the most important part ><
  3. For HD5000 cards, regardless of the crossfire configuration, you can connect up to 2 monitors on the DVI, VGA, or HDMI ports of the first card, and another on the displayport. for a total of 3 monitors.

    So regardless of what out put you use, you'll be fine. Though Id suggest HDMI/DVI as its a digital signal thats theoretically gives better picture quality.
  4. OK thanks Thats all I needed.
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