CPU constantly at 10% to 15% usage

Im having a problem as of last night. I noticed poor performance in some games and started looking to see what was wrong.

The first thing I noticed was my flash drive was no longer being used as readyboost. The message I got was that it wasn't of sufficient performance to be ysed as readyboost. Odd since I've been using it for over a year that way. I unplugged it and plugged it back into a different usb port and now it works in readyboost again.

Still, poor performance in games. I then noticed my hard drive was constantly being accessed and I have a faint buzzing sound coming from my headphones. Never had either of these things before.

I checked to see what programs were accessing the hard drive and all I could see were AVG antivirus and...readyboost. These were keeping my CPU at a steady 10% to 15% usage. Im running Windows 7 ultimate with an e7500cpu at 3.6ghz.
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  1. I only used readyboost once and it was on vista and has been a while, but when i first set it up i remember it running my HDD for a while as if it were trying to populate the flash drive with what it thought would be important to have fast access too, depending on the size of the flash drive this might take quite a while. If its just readyboost and AVG using your CPU time i wouldnt worry about it too much, it might be good after a bit. As for the buzzing from the headphones, double check all your wires and connections.
  2. I'll give it some time and see what happens. I left it running while I'm at work today. I checked the cables on the headset already, but that's probably an unrelated issue. I'm just really perplexed as to why the system just stopped enabling readyboost on it's own like that.
  3. I'd be more concerned on why two programs (AVG and Readyboost) combined are taking 15% CPU usage. Even for an older C2D, that seems a bit much...
  4. ^I agree with gamerk316, That seems like alot of CPU to be used when your trying to game ontop of that aswell. Take a look in task manager and see if there is anything else eating up your system reasources like unneeded services or start-up programs. Also I would consider instead of running AVG 24/7 to set up a schedule for it to run every day or two or run it manually yourself, that is unless you have a HUGE problem with acquiring viruses.
  5. I had a virus that used about 15% so if I were u I would downloD malwarebytes and run a scan
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