New computer not booting

Just put together a new pc and its not booting, when i power on the hard drives seem to load for abit but then stop and the red light on the front stays lit.

My monitor doesnt pick up any display through my gcard or the onboard display. It makes no beeps either the only thing it does is the cpu fan spins fast and doesnt slow down like it usually does at post.

My setup is:

i5 760
Asus p7h55-m
Corsair 1600mhz 4gb ram
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    Run through this and doublecheck your work, post back any issues you may find :)
  2. Sounds like the bios needs resetting.
  3. Thanks for both replies! resetting the bios worked, hopefully i dont come across any more problems.

    Thanks again!
  4. Glad you got sorted, but the links there if you do come across any more problems :)
  5. No worries. [:bohleyk:1] Fixes a lot of things that bios reset. :D Bit like the unplug it for 20 seconds fix.
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