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So i recenlty built my first computer and it came with a free 60day free trial of norton Internet Security. The trial has 27 days left so i want to renew it. Now on the website it lets me renew it for 49.99 but on amazon i can buy it for like 22.99. so my question is is it the same thing if i buy it from amazon? Meaning will renew it or will it just basically be installing it again and i will tecknically be having 2 securty software except one not doing anything.

im srry if im not making sense lol just confused.
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  1. Buy from amazon. At the end of the 60 day trial, install/renew from the amazon package.
  2. I personally don't like Norton and Mc Affee, they waste too much resources and will effect your system performance. Reliable? not really.
    You don't trust me on the performance stuff? Go ahead..try installing the Norton on a single will definitely understand, what I mean.

    I think uninstall the Norton and get one from Kaspersky, or G-Data
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