AsRock P67 Professional memory slot problem

hello everybody

first of all, sorry for my bad english :D

i've just buy a AsRock P67 Fatal1ty Professional, a 2600K and 2x4gb DDR3 Geil Black Dragon 1600mhz

after some tests, i've figured out that my 2 stick of ram works fine ONLY in slot 1 & 2... if i insert a stick in slot 3 or 4 i can't even reach the BIOS, it only show a black screen, and no beep sounds from the motherboard...

i can't use dual channel with ram installed in slot 1 & 2, i must use slot 1 and 3, or slot 2 and 4...

all BIOS setting to default. ram @ 1333mhz.

it's the motherboard broken?

if the ram is not compatible, why the system boot up properly when installed in slot 1 & 2?
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  1. from ascrock site :
    - Due to the configuration of CPU, the default speeds of DDR3 2400/2200/2000/1800 MHz will operate at DDR3 2133/2133/1866/1600 MHz.

    your mobo support Supports 1333 and 1600. check in Cpu-Z and slots 1 and 2 it means Black (2) and red (1), ... right ? in this case you only use a single channel of ram. and RAm may not be suitable for this type of motherboard, if you have other Ram kit from supportlist Ascrock site you can try.

    why i don't see B3 revision
  2. motherboard is a B3 revision, and yes the ram are actually in slots 1 and 2, black and red, in single channel. tested for a couple of hours with prime95 x64, and no errors found.

    if i remove all the ram, and then put only one stick in slot 3 or 4, system can't even reach the BIOS settings... screen always black, no sound no beep from motherboard

    the Asrock Dr. Debug display shows a error 45... on the asrock manual i can't find this error number...

    after some google research i've found this:

    and this

    they talk about a short circuit caused by the backplate of the cpu cooler. on my Asrock i've mounted a Thermalright Ultra Extreme, with its backplate, and never try to run the system with Intel stock cooler. the problem may be here
  3. if it is short-circuiting the pc will not live, this just problems RAM compatibility support, because when mounted 1 and 2 PC will live and if the 1 and 3 do not live, hmmm .. try to test your Ram with memtest 86 + only test one by one .. just make sure if it's really clean, it means the motherboard just like the RAM is supported by the vendor list
    and if you do not overclock no test on Prime95, enough with the game all day if it does not matter that means a normal.
    But if still the problem is better you ask the vendor to support
  4. the problem was the backplate of the TRUE Black.

    just removed it and put the intel stock cooler, now system boot ok, with ram in dual channel mode, slot 2 & 4!

    there are some circuit around one hole used by the backplate, now i'm going to put some plastic washer before re-mount the backplate!
  5. is your pc working ?
  6. yes, it works without any problem with the Thermalright Ultra Extreme (with some plastic on the backplate :) )

    i'm trying some overclock on the cpu now, and after some test it's stable at 4,2ghz without problem, all @ default, only multiplier set to 42
  7. I am having this same issue. I have G.SKILL 2133 RAM - all four 4GB DIMMs have been tested to be error free in a single slot, but when i have a single dual-channel configuration (either A1/B1 or A2/B2) I get error code 45. When all four slots are populated, I get a boot but with massive memory errors/random BSODs. I am going to try re-seating my CPU to ensure that it is making full contact with the socket and place some type of stoppers in between my CPU cooler's rear mounting bracket per your suggestion and see if that works. This problem does not seem to be solely indicative of bad RAM, a bad board, or a bad CPU (very unlikely) and seems to be geared more toward poor installation.
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