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Hi, I'm going to be getting a new gaming rig built, these are the specs the service sent me.

Intel i5 760 with msi P55 GD85
Kingston 4GB DDR3
MSI GTX460 Hawk x2 (They want to sli the cards)
Samsung 1TB HDD
Aerocool 700W PSU
Coolermaster 690ii Advanced Case with 1 additional fan
Windows 7 Home Premium
Samsung BX2450 24in LED monitor

Altogether around 2505 SGD, which is around 1860 USD.

Is there any problems with this?
Should I get an i7?

Thanks in advance!
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  1. I wouldn't bother with an i7. Unlike the i5-6XX processors, the i5-760 is a lower clocked i7-870. Even with the stock cooler, you can easily overclock an i5-760 to speeds faster than that of a stock i7-870 (up to ~3.5GHz).

    Although two GTX 460s in SLI would offer impressive performance now, that setup will leave you with no route to upgrade. If you don't ever want to bother with upgrading your components, that may be fine. Personally I would go with a single GTX 470 or HD 5870. That way I would be able to add a second one in the future, when games have become even more graphically demanding and those graphics cards have become outdated, cheaper.
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  3. Thanks very much!

    I've got an offer to upgrade it to an i7 930 with gigabyte x58a ud3r, but i'm not sure if I should take it... would it be worthwhile?
  4. Trythos said:
    Thanks very much!

    I've got an offer to upgrade it to an i7 930 with gigabyte x58a ud3r, but i'm not sure if I should take it... would it be worthwhile?

    It's certainly better, both the motherboard and the processor. The processor will be significantly faster at stock speeds (it typically costs 1/3 more). I still don't think that you will see any difference in gaming performance from changing the processor, though.

    That motherboard has 2 PCI-E x16 slots for the graphics cards in SLI (the slots on the gigabyte x58a ud3r will only operate at x8). If you run graphics cards in SLI on the Gigabyte motherboard, you should get slightly better performance out of them, they will operate together more efficiently.

    If you go with the i7 and gigabyte x58a ud3r, you will also need to factor in triple channel memory; this chipset uses 3x1GB or 3x2GB kits instead of 2x2GB.
  5. Wielander i must disagree with you on one point. About the 460 x2 you'r right, it is overkill and very expensive. But you said go with a 460 or a HD 5870. I would rather go with a 5850 instead because it supports voltage control. As far as i know the 5870 doesnt. With voltage control you can easily OC the 5850 to run with a 1ghz clock (1000mhz).

    Also for a screen i would reccomend a BenQ 24” LED G2420HDBL. It's a very good gaming screen and it's absolutely amazing to watch movies and etc on.

    Dont get a i7, it's just waste of money for a gaming rig. Go with a i5-6xx or maybe even an i3.

    For a case go with a Coolermaster HAF 902 midcase or a Antec 900. They are very nice, cool and doesnt sound much at all even tho they got alot of cooling.

    A 700W PSU will probably be overkill unless you are going sli, i would reccomend a Corsair 650W PSU.

    Kingstons memorysticks are great, so go with that.

    So my opinions are, dont get an i7 and go with a single OC'd 5850. I've yet to find a game that i cant max with that.
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