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HI All

First post, first question :) (Sorry if it's in the wrong place)

I'm looking into upgrading the CPU in my desktop tower.

I have a Packard Bell iMedia 2412
It currently has an intel E4500 CPU and I'm looking to change this to an E6600 for a speed improvement.

The main difference I can see (apart from Processor speed) is the FSB Speed (800 for the 4500 and 1066 for the 6600)

The Motherboard is PT890-8237A chipset model P4M890

I've done a little hardware upgrading in the past, changing Hard drives adding sound/graphics/ memory etc. But CPU changes is a little beyond what I've done before

So I have a few questions...

1) can it be done?
2) should I bother?
3) is it worth it financially?

I've only recently forked out for a Macbook laptop so funds are a little short a the moment, so buying a new computer is not an option at the mo.

Thanks in advance for any reply

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  1. No. Not worth it. I would save for a new pc, and sell the old one intact when the time is right.
  2. Echo the above
  3. Thanks for your replies
    I think I'll look into having something custom built.

  4. Thanks for the advice guys.
    If I can't find a reasonably priced quad core I think I'll look into have a unit custom built.

  5. Anyone got any tips on who is the best for building custom PCs?

    I need case, motherboard and CPU. The rest can be recycled from my existing PC

  6. You'll need new RAM as well I should imagine. DDR3 as opposed to DDR2.
  7. Hi again

    I probably will look into increasing RAM too, but this will all have wait until after xmas....
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