Foxconn 45CMX Motherboard upgrade

Hey guys :)

I was just wondering what new motherboards i could upgrade to and would i need a new processor and such as i'm not exactly the best with computers..
It's a Socket 775 : 45CMX : BiosVersion : 765F1P09

Cheers :)
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  1. You need to list a budget and even link your vender if possible, unless you want to use ebay. Posters here are from all over the world; I'm from the usa so my market is different.
  2. How i link the Vendor? :P
    and im from UK.. I've had a look on ebay for socket 775 motherboards but its only coming up with LGA 755, will they still fit do you know :) ?
  3. You have a foxconn board and you also have their latest bios. The good news is that you can run any 5xxx core2 duo cpus such as the e5400, and also the 8xxx wolfdales such as the e8500. Your board won't run a quad core; it has a wattage limit of about 95. Check ebay for one of those dual core cpus; a 5400 might go for $50-60; the e8500 for $90-100. For motherboards, you might look at a g41 for ddr2 or upgrade to ddr3. 775 boards come in a wide variety of chipsets; the p43 is common now; some of the older p45, x38, and x48 are harder to find. You probably need to use only micro-atx unless you have a full size case, which takes atx or micro atx boards.
  4. Ah ok, because at the moment i have a intel pentium dual CPU E2180
    Model : 45CMX VP SERIES M3..
    But i will look for ddr3
    My friend said get am3 motherboard with a phenom II x4 and 4 gb of 133 ddr3 ram
    but didn't know if they would fit :P
  5. Most micro atx boards should fit your oem case. They are pretty much standarized. You may not get 4 ram slots; If you go with amd and ddr3, get an am3+ certified board for the newer cpus. They don't cost that much more. And 2x4 gb ddr3 is only about $60 for some 1333 in the usa. So 2 ram slots is all you really need.
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