Is my MSI R5770 faulty ?

Hello everyone !

I have stumbled upon a problem, and now have turned into this forum for confirmation & some possible help / Suggestion.

Around 4 months ago, I made my first gaming rig with the following specs :-

CPU : Core2Duo E8400 @ 3.00 Ghz
Motherboard : MSI P45 Neo 2
PowerSupply : Silverstone 500 W ( Model : ST50F-230 )
Ram : 4 GB ( 2 x 2 ) Corsair DHX XMS2
HDD : 250 GB x 1 ( Sata ) + My previous 320 GB x 1 ( IDE )
Chasis : A very cheap "oven type" chasis which I replaced a week ago, with a CM 690 II Plus ( South Asia edition )

Apart from the chasis and an Addition of a Coolermaster V8 CPU cooler, NOTHING, has changed in the above rig. CPU is at stock speed, even now.

Now, here's the problem. The topic should already make it clear that it is about my GPU, So I will explain in more detail.

My GPU seems to heat up extremely fast. It has, in the past heated up to a point, where i'm assuming the motherboard / GPU initiated a fail safe because it ended up in the PC shutting down, and a quick restart the moment later would lead to no display on the screen whatsoever.

Attached in this thread, are four images.

#1 - The status of my GPU
#2 - The status of my GPU on Idle
#3 - The status of my GPU on full load
#4 - A Diagram of my chasis's Air flow, rougly made by myself.

My GPU never seems to NOT heat up. At first, I blamed it on my "oven" type chasis which I got when I first made the rig ( lack of knowledge made me get a cheap one ) - And since it was winters back then, the ambient temps were good enough; So a manual over ride of the GPU's fan to 100% and a strict eye on temperatures + A careful choice of low end games led me to have an okay(ish) time.

But, I can't continue like this. I really need to take full advantage of my gaming rig. I'm missing out on a LOT of games that my PC can handle easily but won't because the GPU temps would reach to a point where the PC would automatically shut down.

So, I got a new chasis, but to my disappointment It didn't help much. I got a Coolermaster CM 690 II plus, and some 120 MM fans. The Image attached to this thread, will give you an idea of how my air flow is.

Now, I'm at the verge of returning my GPU as it is still under warranty, as I believe it MAY be faulty. But, before I do so - I want to be 100% sure, i'm not missing out on anything.

If you need anymore information, let me know - I can run tests and whatever you want, provided you tell me what you want me to do. I am badly looking for a solution, and a confirmation if YOU think my GPU really IS faulty so I can simply return it.

Thank you !

Images :- ( GPU Details *please check if there's anything wrong with my GPU's stats or something* ) ( PC's airflow ) ( idle temps ) ( GPU Temps )
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  1. Still no reply ? :/
  2. yea definatley, the 5770 shouldnt be running hot, also I think you should have that top fan on outake, It'll end up taking out allot of hot air. Try that and see of the temps help. But a 5770 shouldnt be getting that hot anyways, I'd probably RMA it.
  3. Can you show us what kind of HD5770 that you have right now? brand? model?

    Yes, if it still on warranty then RMA it to get a replacement...
  4. Honestly, a 5770 shouldn't be reaching that temp no matter the brand... unless it's a gtx 480 in disguise!!!! :ouch:
  5. Msi makes good motherboards but there video cards can be iffy sometimes.
  6. First find out normal runing temp for a 5770 under load then see what temp yours goes up to. Also hot cpu testor pro will test your system. Plus try a different card as well see if your system still crashes. Make sure your case has good air flow and plenty of case fans.
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