SSD Primary replacing TB HDD

Basically i want to install an SSD as my primary but keep my current primary as secondary storage. The issue is the SSD (havent bought it yet) will be a smaller capacity then my 1TB HDD, is there a way of cloning/moving, the required stuff, like OS and Drivers etc. to the SSD but keep everything else on the HDD?

Thanks. :)
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  1. Hey zekdude...well you will have to do a fresh install of windows to ssd and update drivers and so on...your hdd will still have old windows and stuff in you can just delete stuff you dont need..
  2. You can buy Acronis to do that but it's always better to reinstall from scratch.
  3. Cheers, im assuming if i boot from the ssd the OS stuff on the Secondary drive wont effect anything, reply if im wrong, otherwise, thanks for the help guys :)
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