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Ive been having problems with my onboard network card, the lights will not light up when the ethernet cable is plugged in. I updated the drivers to the newest ones (realtek family GBE drivers) and it still didnt work. It is enabled in bios and is showing as fully functional in device manager.

So I went out and bought a NIC card and plugged it in. Windows recognizes it is there and installed the realtek family GBE driver. It will not light up or connect to the internet.

The ethernet cable is fine (its been tested with my laptop) so its not a problem with the network.

Here are my system specs:

Intel i5 750 (OC to 3.5ghz), P7P55LX mobo, GTX 275OC, 6GB ram and 2.5TB
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  1. Try turning the processor down to stock...?
  2. You said you tested the ethernet cable on your laptop. Did you just take the cable from your desktop and plug it into your laptop?

    Also, you said the lights for the NIC aren't lighting up, does this also mean you don't have connectivity on that machine?

    I'm just asking to make sure I know all the information, not because I am stupid or anything :P
  3. Ya i took the cord from the laptop and directly plugged it into the computer. The only connectivity is through a wireless usb adapter on my desktop.

    Another piece of information is that the system claims a network cable is disconnected always on both adapters.
  4. Again, have you tried NOT overclocking the machine? I've seen overclocking cause all kinds of weirdness... it could be that you increased your bus speed and the NIC's don't handle it to well.
  5. I tried returning the values to stock, and there was no change in the networking issues. I also updated the bios again which didnt seem to help.
  6. What OS are you running on both your laptop and desktop?

    Is the desktop a custom built or a pre-built from a manufacturer?

    I am wondering if there is any third party LAN software. Some drivers sneak in their own NIC management software and it doesn't cooperate with windows and just causes problems.
  7. Im using win 7 64bit and custom comp but im just using realtek drivers because windows keeps installing it automatically. (btw nice pic, top gear is the best)
  8. Try to boot into safe mode with networking and see if it works from there. If the problem still persists within safe mode, it more than likely a hardware issue.

    And yes, Top Gear is the best.
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